I Wish …

Maybe Someone Will Grant Them

Another reason to actually have a web site is simply a place to publicly proclaim your wishes for yourself and the world. I suppose as wish is not as weighty as a goal or a todo list. But they are different because a wish is something that you just want, not that you necessarily need to do yourself. In fact, usually quite the opposite. You wish that someone else would do it instead of forcing you to.

Bash Shell Rewritten in Rust Under Better License

Seriously, Bash is so bloated and the code base so old and crusty that the whole thing needs a serious rewrite under a license that will allow it to ship on embedded hardware and such instead of Bash because of its completely stupid GPLv3 license.

Kick-Ass Educational Chemistry 3D Shooter

I’ve long wanted someone to take me up on the idea of creating a really rated M educational chemistry shooter that does smell like a “for education” game. It could be a full triple-A game that requires you to prepare different ammo and weapons to fight an wildly different set of monsters and mobs using the right stuff. There could be a chem lab where you see the periodic table in 3D, play around with simulated combinations of all the chemicals to learn about their properties and more.

Hell just a realistic chem lab that taught about what happens when you combine different chemicals would be amazing.

Full YAML 1.2 and JQ Parser Command in Rust

The jq command is absolutely phenomenal. It just only exists for JSON. There needs to be a yq as well that is good — not that Python PyYAML shit. It also needs to be written in Rust and maybe have a lot of the unnecessary query stuff removed. It could be installed as both yq and jq and detect how it is called in order to process data differently. Fuck the old jq which never plans to support more than the “JSON internal structures”.

Such a tool would be so monumentally useful it might even put a serious dent in the use of databases in general. Something that supported that level of power, including the full remote files idea, would completely dominate the flat-file data management space.