Tips for Streaming

Here’s a collection of tips I’ve collected that might help you out as well. These tips are specifically for someone looking to get into live coding and tech streaming (rather than high-performance game streaming) which requires quite a bit less performance and quite a bit more attentiveness to readability and those in the chat when hosting a water-cooler chat session in Discord is more likely than a multi-person MOBA game and viewers frequently view — and read — your stream from mobile devices.

Before You Do Anything:

  1. [Know What You are Getting Into and Why]
  2. [Determine How Much Time You Have]
  3. [Know What Your Financial Budget Is]
  4. [Assess Your Own Skills and Abilities]
  5. [Identify People and Resources for Support]
  6. [Consider Mixing Activities]
  7. [Consider Replace Some Written Material with Video]


  1. [Don’t Get a Chair with a Distracting Logo]
  2. [Find Someplace Relatively Free from Noise]
  3. [Don’t Obsess About the Perfect Sound Studio]

Computer and Hardware:

  1. [Get a Decent (Not Gaming) Computer]
  2. [Use Another Computer for Video Production (Highlights)]
  3. [Ensure You Have Good Broadband Internet]
  4. [Use a Universal Power Supply (UPS)]
  5. [Get a Good Graphics Card]
  6. [Get a Quiet Keyboard with NumPad]
  7. [Get a Three-Button Mouse]
  8. [Skip the Capture Card]
  9. [Skip the Stream Deck, Use Keyboard Instead]


  1. [Don’t Overspend on a Camera]
  2. [Get a 27" Monitor]
  3. [Get Good Soft Studio Lighting]
  4. [Get a Warm Face Light]
  5. [Get a Good Green Screen]
  6. [Plan for Viewers with Phones and Tablets]
  7. [Use 126 Column Full Screen Terminals]
  8. [Use High Contrast Colors]
  9. [Use Dark Reader, But Make Sure You Can Read]
  10. [Tweek Browsers to Not Have White Blank Pages]
  11. [Zoom In When Browsing to Increase Readability]


  1. [Don’t Scimp on Good Sound Equipment]
  2. [Buy Allan & Heath 6-Channel FX Mixer]
  3. [Always Monitor Your Actual Audio with Headphones]
  4. [Don’t Anger Your Family and Roommates]


  1. [Use Two Browsers, One for You, One for Stream]
  2. [Use TMUX in Full Screen]
  3. [Use Alacritty Started from Script]
  4. [Set Desktop Screen Resolution to 1080p]
  5. [Use Optomized OBS Studio]
  6. [Use Pretzel for Videos You Don’t Want Muted]
  7. [Setup Hexchat for IRC]
  8. [Use Amazon Cloud Reader for Text and Video Annotations]
  9. [Use KeePassXC with Yubikey]

Best Practices:

  1. [Know What Good Security Practices Actually Are]
  2. [Decide How Much You Want to Dox Yourself and Family]
  3. [Be Yourself, Don’t Be Ashamed, Be Real]
  4. [Keep it Fun, But Don’t Be Afraid of Serious Topics]
  5. [Focus on Quality Content, Not Marketing Hype Gimmicks]
  6. [Try Not to Curse on Stream]
  7. [Pretend You’re PodCasting, Describe Everything You Type]
  8. [Avoid Desktop Scenes]
  9. [Get Your Amazon Prime if You Have It]
  10. [Export to YouTube]
  11. [Always Preview Your Stream]
  12. [Check the Chat Frequently]
  13. [Log Your Chat Stream]
  14. [Paste URLs Into Chat]
  15. [Preview from Your Streaming Computer, Not Another]
  16. [Force OBS and HexChat to Be Always on Top]
  17. [Don’t Fear Copyrighted Music on Stream]
  18. [Write Off Anything Saved with Questionable Music]
  19. [Join a Team]
  20. [Watch Other Streamers]
  21. [Forget About Posting a Schedule]
  22. [Save Only Your Last 24-48 Hours of Live Stream]
  23. [Export YouTube Videos Immediately (Trimmed Highlights)]
  24. [Don’t Waste Time on Kitchy Thumbnails, Just Readable Titles]
  25. [Skip Stream Elements Animations, Focus on Value]
  26. [Don’t Record With OBS]
  27. [End with a Raid]


  1. [Select Not for Children Even if Clean]
  2. [Correct Your Category]
  3. [Correct Your Tags]
  4. [Correct Your License]
  5. [Take Time Setting Good Title, Description, Tags]
  6. [Create a Domain to Redirect to YouTube]
  7. [Pick the Best Thumbnail, But Don’t Create]
  8. [Check and Correct Your YouTube Tags]
  9. [Check and Challenge Copyright Claims]