2020 Week 22

Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 7:54:48PM

My God the clarity! The more things change the more they stay the same. The recent personal revelations regarding rwx.gg have overwhelmingly confirmed that my gut was always right — we’re talkin’ from the beginning in 2013.

Way back then I was motivated internally to help people learn the Linux terminal command line. But not only to learn it, to start with it and master it. I now fully realize why that was in a way that I can put words around. Linux — and specifically the command line — is the best tool a curious, obsessed, technical autodidact can ever have at their disposal. It is like the ultimate sandbox in which to play, experiment, learn and create. No wonder Raspberry Pi Linux devices are so huge and have become standard educational tools in places where education is actually understood. Hell, even England has Linux and Raspis included standard in their curriculum. (Not our fucking disastrous dumpster fire of a country ’Merica over here.)

The point is. I was drawn to the Linux terminal for all the reasons I wanted to share it: to provide the same learning opportunities for others. Now I’ve come full circle back to eliminating everything but learning how to learn followed by learning the Linux command line and to code in Bash. All the rest builds from there. No more futzing around with JavaScript even though it is valuable. The terminal gives way more opportunities for far more projects.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 4:24:07PM

June 1st mark the end of the first Linux Beginner Boost experiment. I decided to cut it short because people are clearly falling behind and cannot keep up with the flipped, 8-hour a day approach. I tend to always be optimistic about people’s ability to commit.

I’m not particularly sad about it. In fact, after touching base with a few confidentially it is consistent with what they are feeling is needed.

One good comment was from someone who had adopted such an autodidactic approach to that whole thing that he became obsessed about learning C immediately. He got the book I had reviewed and started on it immediately. He was feeling a bit of guilt for not tuning into the 3-hour long videos every day because he was spending that time coding instead.

When I heard that comment I was immediately sold on my original focus, which was primarily on motivating and helping others master the skills of an autodidact. All of the rest is just curating the best resources for people to pick and work through on their own as well as creating my own resources in the form of knowledge apps and videos.

The result is a hyper-topic focus during each segment that then is created into a YouTube video. This allows the videos to be processed in asynchronous time, as has always been an advantage of videos. But it also allows those particularly interested in a given topic to join me live and chime in, asking questions, or whatever. This continue to promote the community aspect of live-streaming that strongly distinguishes it from regular YouTube videos.

This has meant yet another reorganization of the RWX.GG site.