2020 Week 19

Sunday, May 17, 2020, 9:34:46AM

http://linuxclass.heinz.cmu.edu/ Just found this course from Carnegie Melon University randomly since it is the second hit from the The Linux Command Line searchable title. Check out the first lecture. I can’t lie. I laughed my ass off, then I cried a little at the exorbitant costs of these remedial Linux courses. I hope colleges get the collective kick in the ass that they need by this whole COVID thing. College priorities have long been other things besides the best education of their students.

Saturday, May 16, 2020, 5:57:12PM

As I have been working on https://rwx.gg and adding more content to it I realized it would be great if there was a setting where users could simply click on the title to take them to an DuckDuckGo.com search. It wasn’t to hard to implement, but the question of whether to use the lite version or not came up. In Lynx it looks beautiful, Chrome not so much. I decided to write some JavaScript that upgrades the URL to the non-lite version in Chrome. It only runs when a browser has full JavaScript support. It then occurred to me that the foundational principle of progressive web apps is that they progressively take advantage of the capabilities of the browser technology available. Then it occurred to me what a massive fail our modern Web is based on this foundational principle. All this unnecessarily broken React shit is going to implode, I swear to God. At least my personal observance of the progressive principle is beyond even what most are considering in the graphic web browser world. We live in a world of absolutely clueless asshole developers who both do not care about this principle and couldn’t even implement it properly if they did. At least I can do something about it myself (and help others not be for fucking clueless).

Saturday, May 16, 2020, 4:14:50PM

Just had a panic attack because suddenly Discord decided to echo back everyone’s voice to the point where it was really distracting. Tomorrow is Coffee Talk and I was stressing out. I think it has something to do with the reboot the other day and possibly the fact that I had to change the input back to the mixer board (auto-picked the camera mic).

Turns out all that had to be fixed was a “Reset Voice Settings” in Discord.

Saturday, May 16, 2020, 1:22:51PM

Just talking casually with my wife about all this and got a rather nice comment about my mentoring ability on the YouTube channel strongly asking for more. My superpower is curating, communicating, and mentoring, the rest is all secondary including the fact that I can code, hack, and build systems.

There is a character called Phillip in the Travelers show that I’ve been watching who is like a walking historian and computer. The team lead, McClairen, who is a self-proclaimed “languages guy” besides being a natural communicator and leader. I find myself relating to both of them a lot.

When I crack open the 1200 page text book “bible” of Algorithms all I can think is, “why the fuck do I care?” Maybe that is why I switched from Computer Science as my major after my first semester when I discovered the humanities and language labs. Ironically the computer technology in the languages lab was far superior to that in the computer science lab. Why? Because it was relevant and being used. The CS dweebs would laugh at the Macs there, but people were getting serious shit done with them everyday, not debating the merits of C v.s. Pascal as I would hear the lab attendants doing while suffering through CS101 bubble-sort Pascal programming and taking pencil-written tests for coding. In fact, (I’m just gonna say it) I fucking hate infinitely removed computer science shit. No one cares until it provides something the world needs. Do we need people with that level of computer science understanding? Hell yes! But what we need even more is people using these amazing tools to produce software, information, and systems that will push humanity forward. In fact, the amount of strictly trained CS people the world needs is really not that great. But the world is starving for people with practical knowledge who will push it forward.

God knows there is enough work for thousands of people just to counter the fucking idiocy of the JS-JS-JS crowd who would destroy the best information sharing standards the world has ever known. The world needs more people with common sense and the courage to speak truth to power and idiocy and the skills to counter the horrible shit other morons are making. That’s my priority, not how to create the best possible linked list.

Saturday, May 16, 2020, 9:21:00AM

I keep coming back to the conclusion that I just need to do one thing really well (more than a bunch of things sort of good). That thing is getting more people started earlier by training them to train themselves and become tech autodidacts as soon as possible.

I imagine myself sort of at the starting line pushing as many people as possible into tech fields with a solid foundation in Linux terminal skills and coding. I can’t run far with them all if I want to be there to boost others.

The single most important thing I can do is get as many people as I can started out right because no one else is doing it at all. The amount of bad information and content on the Internet is staggering. If I do nothing but fight against that for the rest of my life I’m sure I would still be behind.

This simply means I have no time for data structures and algorithms at anything but a very fundamental level, a level that remains of practical use while providing a solid foundation for those wishing to dive deeper at a formal university level.

Saturday, May 16, 2020, 9:11:03AM

I honestly cannot decide what is the best contribution I can make over the next year so I’m reflecting on a few things:

I suppose considering the needs of the world is important as well to see where they align: